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Uraburu Golf is a financially sound, debt-free, not-for-profit company which is managed by its members. The articles of association limit membership to 600.

How do I become a member of Uraburu Golf?

  • Buy a share for its face value of €6000.
  • Register free of charge as an individual or family member of the club.
  • Flexible share payment schemes are available with a down payment and the rest in instalments.

The club is a joint stock company, so shares can be transferred freely and you can recoup your investment if you wish to give up membership voluntarily.

New status!
Preferential client

We have recently incorporated a new player status: Preferential client. This involves a one-year commitment that gives golf-lovers a number of advantages in playing at our course, aimed at both individuals and whole families.




Benefits of being a Preferential Client

  • The percentages applicable to family members registered are the same as for full club members.
  • The green fees are the same as for full members.
  • Discounts on equipment hire prices.
  • Equipment hire vouchers.
  • Classes with Eriz Rahm at the same price as full members: €20 per half-hour.
  • Towel hire: €1
  • Booking of tee times at 24 hours’ notice.
  • Balls on the practice range: Basket of 24: €1.
  • Tournaments: €5 more than full members.
  • Same reciprocal agreements as full members.

Start your application here

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